So who are Souzou?

Essentially Souzou are a husband and wife team, with a network of talented people who we work with, so we are able to deliver any project that you need.

Lee Smith

Design From a young age (something he is not anymore, despite trying to convince himself), Lee has loved design. From logos to magazines, from brochures to advertising, he immerses himself in great typography and imagery. He cannot even look at a beer mat without studying the design and boring his friends talking about it.

  • B-Movie Trivia 80%
  • Bad Jokes 92%
  • Tea Making 10%

Barbara Matthews-Smith

Photography With a passion for photography, people and cats (especially cats), Barbara aims to capture the moments that other photographers sometimes miss. With her camera, smile, and infectious laugh, she can be found snapping at random objects, people, flowers and cats (did I mention she likes cats).

  • Wii Dancing Ability 85%
  • Vegetarian Roast Dinners 70%
  • Knowledge of 80s Music 87%

What we have been saying…

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Another year is upon us and, as we reflect on the previous year, it's also a good time to look at what trends might be the biggest influencers in our work in 2019. Continuing where we left the last 12 months, and perhaps even the 12 months before that, it seems that...

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Music is my main motivation…

People will, sometimes, get asked why they decided to go into their chosen profession. The answers can vary greatly from ‘well I always had a passion for…’ to, ‘actually, I just fell into it by accident…’ For me, one of my reasons for entering the field of graphic...

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